SolutionsThermidas differentiation

Thermidas solutions are intended to be used in a variety of settings
Our customers range from non-clinical use such as sports to clinical use on primary care and all the way to operating room setting in hospitals
Clinic Friendly

Clinic Friendly

Fully integrable into hospital networks
Cloud access anywhere

Cloud access anywhere

Remote data access through cloud services with remote licenses
High-End Technology

High-End Technology

THERMIDAS System with high resolution (640x480) thermal camera (IRT)
Updates and Support

Updates and Support

Continued app development via collaboration with medical facilities and hospitals


Our mission is to detect and identify underlying pathologies as early as possible to improve patient outcomes.

Thermidas technology (IRT) allows a non-contact PHYSIOLOGICAL assessment of the body while ANATOMICAL examination quantifies structural integrity of the body (x-ray, CT, MRI…)

Physiological examination tells how well the body is functioning while anatomical tells about it’s structural integrity.

  • CE Medical Class 1 Approved.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approved.

THERMIDASThe Solutions

Thermidas Solutions enable objective imaging of e.g. foot temperatures

Image archiving in the patient records are useful for later follow-up

Long-term screenings make it possible to react quickly to any changes and provide effective treatment plan
(In development), high resolution and remote access via cloud data.
Portable diagnostic
Primary care, Podiatric clinics & vascular Offices and Hospice- Nursing homes
Mobile clinical
Hospitals, Large Clinics (wounded centers) and Surgery rooms

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