Thermal imaging and prosthetics

Thermidas IRT systems can be used in a variety of settings to ensure the proper fit of prosthetics

How can thermal imaging help?

Thermography can support the study of the stump and the clinical decisions for:​

  • Adjusting the socket design​
  • The localization of painful points to support the physician in the definition of analgesic therapy (e.g., laser therapy, capacitive-resistive-therapy);​
  • The localization of inflammatory situations supporting the clinician in the custom construction of the socket or in planning for a proper and localized anti-inflammatory therapy;​
  • The localization of thrombotic phenomena in amputees for peripheral vascular causes, in order to check the status of the limb before and after the prosthesis.​

The benefits of thermography

The quantitative measure of the state of the residual limb perfusion which is revealed by thermal maps may provide important information about:

  • Existing defects of the socket, that during walking translate into excessive forces and in turn temperature increase;
  • Skin inflammations, e.g., as the result of the liner leading to excessive humidity and heating;
  • The classification and treatment of phantom limb pain.

Case examples

Pin lock - sleeve suspension

Sleeve suspension - vacuum connection

Posterior flap

Skew flap

Stump pain

Recommended Thermidas products

  • Thermidas Imager -software
  • IR resolution 320×240
  • CE0598-certified and FDA-cleared
  • Thermidas Imager -software
  • IR resolution 640×480
  • CE0598-certified and FDA-cleared
Coming soon
  • Thermidas Vista -software
  • Portable tablet-based solution
  • IR resolution 384×288

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