thermal imaging for Early diagnostics

Our mission is to detect and identify underlying pathologies
as early as possible to improve patient outcomes.

See the invisible

What is thermal imaging?

Abnormal body temperature is a natural indicator of illness. Diagnostic thermal imaging is a non-contact and non-invasive alternative to conventional imaging methods. Thermal Imaging can be used as a complementary diagnostic method e.g. in orthopedics, occupational medicine, vascular medicine, oncology, rheumatic inflammation, trauma, post-operative or fracture pain, dentistry, and diabetic foot complications.
Intended to be used in a variety of settings
Our customers range from non-clinical use such as sports to clinical use on primary care and all the way to operating room setting in hospitals.

Fast, safe and easy

As a complementary diagnostic method, thermal imaging will allow quick and easy detection of asymmetric body temperature indicating underlying pathologies, such as inflammation, circulatory issues and possible ulcerations.

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Our solutions for medical thermal imaging


All-in-one mobile solutions for thermal imaging including a high-resolution thermal camera and remote access via data cloud.

In development.

Portable diagnostics

Flexible solutions for on-the-go thermal imaging. Used in primary care, podiatric clinics, vascular offices and nursing homes.

Mobile clinical

World’s first medical CE-approved infrared thermal imaging application. Suitable for hospitals, large clinics and surgery rooms.

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With Thermidas’s thermal imaging solutions, you can detect different complications quickly and safely.

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Thermal imaging is used daily by podiatrists at Tampere and Oulu University Hospitals

I use thermal imaging on daily basis. Originally the thermal imaging system was acquired to support the diagnosis of Charcot Foot. But never the less, thermal imaging has shown to be really useful also in locating and following up on many other complications. Imaging is a fast tool in my daily work.

Antti Juntunen

Tampere University Hospital

Thermal Imaging is a useful tool e.g. in functional assessment of special footwear and support insoles. With thermal imaging, I am able to exclude potential problems and give a patient peace of mind. A thermal image illustrates the importance of care in a very concrete way. That increases positive attitude on care.

Mira Haulivuori

Tampere University Hospital

I use thermal imaging in my work almost on daily basis. I use thermal imaging for assessment of Charcot Foot healing process and to follow-up of diabetic foot ulcer care, too. A thermal image tells about foot health and helps to make care decisions. A thermal image helps also a patient to understand foot conditions though foot problems are invisible. In my work thermal imaging is a fast tool to evaluate the need for load-balancing; it is good for load-balance solution assessment, too.

Marita Räihä

Oulu University Hospital

I act as a private chiropodist and my expertise is in prevention podiatry. I make offloading insoles and support my customers in footwear selection. Manufacturers have not had any methods and/or tools to ensure the functionality of insoles and shoes – now they have! I have been using thermal imaging in the case of my customers and it has been pleasing to see, that thermal imaging is a method with which the functionality of the footwear can be objectively validated.”

Jaana Huhtanen

Chiropodist, Private service provider